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Del Ray Street Banners

Del Ray Street Banners

Del Ray is a neighborhood in Alexandria, VA which features a number of art deco buildings.  As part of an effort to market the area, the Del Ray Business Association commissioned us to design street banners to be hung on the light poles that are on the avenue.

The existing banners were simple, with a single design appearing on every-other-pole.  As most blocks along the avenue have three poles, we decided to create three different designs to add visual impact. The three designs highlight the marketing themes already established by the business associaton, Eat, Shop and Live.

Our design features illustrations created using art deco themes and elements and a bright color palette that will stand out.  A limited palette and large flat fields of color will ensure that the design will not lose its effectiveness even as the banners start fading from exposure.

The banners are currently in production and are scheduled to be installed in January of 2015.

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