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Unwined Wine and Gourmet Retail Website

Unwined Wine & Gourmet Retail Website

Unwined is a wine & gourmet retail shop located in Alexandria, VA.

When they initially came to us, they did not have a specific established brand.  As part of our discovery process, we identified their target clientele and decided on an upscale approach.

We designed the site with a simple and clean design. High-end stock photography is used throughout the site to add sophistication and provide visual impact. Store locations and hours drive many visitors to the site, so we placed that information in the masthead for easy access.

We continue to make regular visits to the store to photograph their stock for display on the retail site and their separate ecommerce site.

As search engines factor heavily into retail choices, we recommended a weekly blog to infuse the sight with keywords and help with indexing.  Some of their keywords were very specialized, so we also recommended an educational area of the site, dubbed "Unwined University."  Both recommendations were adopted by the client and have greatly increased traffic originating from search engines.

The site can be found at  The site is maintained by the client and Belmonster Creative does not have any responsibility for the content.

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